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Henry's Original

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Henry's Original creates the highest quality Clean Green Certified cannabis products on the market. Based in Mendocino County, CA. 

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Committed to Quality

The finest heirloom cannabis grown under the strictest of standards by master cultivators.

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Clean Green Certified

Top-quality farms who are Clean Green certified, the closest designation to "organic" cannabis.

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Lab Verified

All of our products are lab-tested for quality assurance.

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Sustainably Farmed

Setting the gold standard for best practices in sustainable farming.


Henry's Original preroll package

Premium Cannabis Smokes

Unwind with our Premium Cannabis Smokes, filled with Clean Green Certified flower harvested fresh from the fields, then carefully cured and hand-trimmed.  Each smoke is packed with 100% heirloom cannabis straight from our family-run farm.

Henry's Original prepackage 1/8 oz cans

1/8 Oz. Canned Flower

Our 1/8 Oz. Canned Flower is filled with Clean Green Certified 100% heirloom cannabis that has been properly cured and carefully hand trimmed before being nitrogen sealed for the highest level of freshness.